Our History: Local to the Core

We’re owned by Associated Food Stores, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our company has been in the Utah community for over 77-years. We’re basically the hub for locally-owned, independent grocery stores. In 1940 several grocers decided fight back against large, big-box grocery chains. Rather than shutting their doors, the locally-owend family-run grocers decided to work together to have better buying power and whola —Associated Food Stores was born. We are local—and we haven’t forgotten our roots.

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday: 6am – 11pm

Sunday: 7am – 10pm

1212 E Draper Pkwy, Draper, UT

Phone: 801-571-7199

Email: Customerservice@vps26767.inmotionhosting.com

Pharmacy Hours

Mon-Fri: 9 am – 9 pm
Sat: 9 am – 7 pm
Sun: 10 am – 4 pm

Pharmacy Phone: 801.571.1406


Our Beeliefs are the core foundation of who we are. They are our values, and we live and buzz by them. These Beeliefs are not only promises to our guests, they are commitments that we keep to ourselves– and we hold them near and dear to our heart. #Beeliefs #MissionStatement #CoreValues #ABeeWithMeaning

Farm to Table

We hang our hat on something near and dear to our hearts – produce. That’s why we’re more than just a grocery store — we’re a produce company. From sweet crunchy apples to crisp lettuce and all the variety of freshness that’s in between, our produce is top-notch thanks to our bumbling little pals –honey bees.

All About the 801

We believe Utah is the best, and has the best of everything you could want or need*. From local produce to local partnerships from 801, 435 and 385 artisans, producers and growers. When you shop Honey Bee Produce Company, you’re supporting local. *Tropical Fruits cannot be grown in Utah – so we find nice folks in other areas to help us out.

Our Hive

Honey Bee Produce Company is locally owned by Utahns who live and work in your community. Because we’re your neighbor, we genuinely care about our community. That’s why we support local products, local farmers and local causes that are important to all of us.

Bees Have Standards

We carry awesome products you love. Our motto is quality which is at the heart of who we are – from grade A service, an amazing selection of fresh meats, hot meals, bakery sweets and delish produce straight from the farmer’s truck. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all of our products. If you don’t like it, return it without a sting.

The Bee Way = Service

We’re good people and we believe in the golden rule. The service from our team is premium, and we’re not just happy to help, we’re ecstatic to assist you! (And that includes special requests, too.)

Awesome Products
You Love

Something Healthy: We carry the best healthy, local and specialty options available. Your health matters to us.

Something Classic: You can still grab your classic favorites like your dearest go-to bag of potato chips at Honey Bee.

Something New: Bored with the same ol’? We carry the latest trends and tastes. How about the your favorite gourmet treat? We’ve got you covered. We carry the latest in culinary tastes and the occasional indulgence.


Charities: Honey Bee Produce Co. cares for its hive— our community.  We love and care about our local community and want to support our guests who graciously support us.

  • Local High Schools: 

    We currently work with local high schools, Corner Canyon, Alta High and Juan Diego. We care about our high schools and support the pursuit of higher education.

  • University of Utah Bee Keeping Association: Bags for Bees

    Bees have an important role— their work is viral. Without them, we would not delicious fruits and veggies we enjoy. As a produce company we care about strengthening and preserving Utah’s bee population while focusing on outreach efforts— teaching the critical role that bees play in our lives. The University of Utah Beekeeping Association is a student run group with a mission of: The University of Utah Beekeeper’s Association seeks to increase awareness and conservation of bees, especially honeybees, through beekeeping education, outreach, and research.


    We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the University of Utah Bee Keeping Association by donating all proceeds from Bags for Bee’s purchases. Plus, at the end of the year we will match Bags for Bees sales with a donation. Help our bumbling little pals and support Bags for Bees!

  • We Support
    We support hyper-local events in the communities where our stores are located. We typically support:
    -High school or higher education efforts
    -Canyon preservation
    -Honey Bee population support and outreach
    -Building the arts in our community


    Helpful hints when asking for a donation: 
    • Are you a 501-C3 organization?
    • What do you need, specifically? (Cash or Food Donations, what, how much, etc.)
    • What is your event date? (We require that you make donation requests at least 2 weeks before your event)
    • Please provide important details for your event: (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How)
    • Not Required: What will Honey Bee Produce Company get in return for the donation, if any? (Thank you social media post, in-store activity, press, etc.)
    • Provide your contact information, email and phone number
  • Do you have a donation request? 
    Please email or call our Squad Leader Janel for any donation request.


    Email Us Here

    Phone: 801-571-7199