Save with LoyalBee Rewards Digital Coupons


Signing up for LoyalBee Rewards help us help you find digital coupons, among many other exciting savings. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can download digital coupons to your LoyalBee Rewards account.


Step 1
Click the “LOYALBEE REWARDS” link in the navigation bar or in the honeycomb.

Step 2
Sign in with your LoyalBee Rewards login.

Step 3
Select a digital coupon you would like to add to your account, and click it.

Step 4
Once selected, click “Save to Card” to save it to your account.

Step 5
To double check that the digital coupon has been added to your account, check your “Promotion Progress” box.


To use these coupons, provide the cashier with your phone number connected to your rewards account at checkout, and the savings will automatically apply. Happy shopping!