January Local Artist Mare Simmons


Featured Local Artist for January: Mare Simmons

Local artist Mare Simmons believes in everyday magic and making messes. Driven by nostalgia and a sense of whimsy, her art seeks to create re-enchantment in a troubled world. Painting in multiple mediums that combine conventional & modern techniques, Mare uses bright color & imaginative form to capture emotions tied to memories and places.

Mare has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College and a background in art history. Art has always been important in her world, but a recent health crisis transformed this hobby into a dedicated pursuit. A long recovery from surgery motivated her to create like never before.

Her approach to painting is untraditional, focusing on the act of creating and not just the outcome.  Mare enjoys sprawling across the floor to paint, and often foregoes the brush to simply paint with her fingers.  Inspirations include Scandinavian folk art and fairy tales, but her main muse is the gorgeous nature of Utah.

Forthcoming series include colorful watercolor interpretations of historic black and white photographs, and SLC scenes painted in Fauvist style.

You may view more art available for purchase, & contact Mare through her shop: www.etsy.com/shop/MareSimmonsArt