Happy Holidays from the Island of Cheese


Hello from Honey Bee Produce Company’s Cheese Island!

I’m your cheese monger, Diana. I love serving you and have some simple tips for making your own cheese party platter for the holiday:

1- Don’t Fuss Over Your Cheese Plates 

Remember, the best cheese plates get eaten, and quickly! Don’t spend a ton of time fussing over making it look perfect.

2- Have a Variety of 3 Cheeses 

Three is the rule of thumb for any cheese platter. And during the holidays, all cheese varieties work for the perfect cheese platter. Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Blue, you can’t go wrong!

3- Remember Color 

It’s the holidays and your guest will appreciate color. Pair your cheese with fruits or beautiful meats to make the perfect cheese flight.

4- Honey is Good for Any Cheese Platter 

Honey for dipping makes any cheese platter better. I also love Pepper Lane jellies.

5- Ask for Advice 

I’m happiest when my guests are putting something amazing on their holiday table. I’m happy to help you pair, or sample any cheese we have in our case. I can assist in paring any cheese, produce item, or fine deli meats. And, I would be happy to make a cheese flight for you and your guests! Place your order with me and while you shop, I can make the cheese flight of your dreams– (that also fits your budget!)


Merry Christmas and come say hello to me at the Cheese Island!