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Slide Ridge Farms, Mendon Utah

Slide Ridge began many years ago with a dream of an eight year old boy and his passion for honey bee’s.  As Martin’s interest grew, so did the number of his beehives.  Over time, the involvement of his extended family became necessary for the growth of the business.  Karla became an important part of keeping the bees healthy and happy, with her knowledge of natural resources such as herbs and essential oils to treat and feed the honey bees.  Also helping  to make Slide Ridge the industry leader in beekeeping are Martin’s other siblings, sister Kelli, brothers Mike and Mitch and his parents.  With many supporting roles by many other family members and friends and mentors.    

You can buy Slide Ridge fine honey wine vinegars at Honey Bee Produce Company, bottled and on tap in our bulk olive oil and vinegar bar.

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