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But First… Coffee!  You can find City Grounds Coffee fresh and on-tap in Honey Bee’s Hive Eatery.

City Grounds Story:

Coffee has always been a staple in our household. When I found out I had a sensitivity to acidic foods, I was told by a doctor to limit my coffee intake. Limit my what?! Needless to say, I was hesitant to cut back on my favorite beverage. Determined to find an alternative brew, Ben and I spent wasted time and money searching for and purchasing special coffee grounds with lower acid content, chicory-coffee blends, and anything else that promised less stomach irritation. As we began researching coffee, we became intrigued by “cold brew” coffee. Up until this point, we had only ever brewed coffee hot. What is this cold brew stuff? Cold brewing coffee is basically steeping coffee in cold water. In doing so, the coffee bean maintains most of its roasted flavor and the result is a concentrate that is significantly less acidic (yay!).

Straight to the store I went and purchased the cutest looking bottle of cold brew I could find. We began trying various cold brews sold in local grocery stores but well… we were simply unimpressed. The taste was a little different than hot-brewed coffee but it was definitely not something to write home about. We didn’t give up there and decided to give it a try ourselves. How hard could it be? And so began the trial and error phase. After experimenting with different roasts, local beans, quantity of grounds, steeping length, pH levels, we finally created our perfect cold brew. It was everything we wanted in a coffee: bold and smooth with chocolate undertones without the acidic burnt taste of hot-brewed coffee.

Do You Even Cold Brew?

At first we kept it all to ourselves but as more friends and family began sampling our cold brew, the more requests we got to purchase larger quantities. If other people enjoyed our cold brew as much as we did, then why not sell it? The idea excited us but we didn’t exactly know where to begin… How do we sell it? Where do we sell it? What do we call ourselves? Is this even legal?

First, Ben and I came up with a name. ‘City Grounds’ definitely has a nice ring to it and we decided to run with it. We thought bottling the brew would be easiest so we began designing our logo and labels for the bottles. Before we knew it, we began filling regular orders of 12 oz bottles and growlers each week.

The bottles were nice but we really wanted to get our name out there. Ben began researching different trike setups and eventually found a company that could build a trike perfect for our little business. When the trike finally came, we were excited to hit the streets of Salt Lake selling our cold brew! Then Ben had another idea… What if we could serve our coffee from a tap? Ben’s experience bar tending gave him idea to put a tap directly on top of the trike, with the ice box unit below. We started experimenting with different gases to propel the keg. We tried beer gas, CO2, and finally nitrogen. Nitrogen is the only gas that didn’t change he smooth flavor of our cold brew. Additionally, we fell in love with the cascading effect nitrogen gave our brew, giving it a creamy texture (similar to a Guinness). We were ecstatic! Our little trike was finally complete and our business was steadily growing.

The feedback from our customers reassured our desire to one day have a store-front for our business where we could share our product with others and support local!

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