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We have over 22 locally-grown pumpkin varieties so you can be officially pumped about the fall season!
Our pumpkins are grown at McFarland Farms, located in Weber Utah.

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Learn about our local pumpkin varieties below, perfect for decorating and cooking up a cauldron of fun!


CUSHAW SQUASH: The green-striped cushaw is technically a winter squash though it also produces a spring harvest. It has a tender, pale orange or yellow flesh and is most often pureed and used for baking. It has a very mild flavor that can be overpowered if not careful.


APPRENTICE MINI PUMPKIN: The apprentice mini pumpkin is not quite a full-sized pumpkin which makes it great for crafters and school classrooms.


WHITE GHOST PUMPKIN: This pumpkin has a white skin and white flesh. It’s not good for eating, but perfect for a Jack-O-Lantern.


WHITE PUMPKIN: The white ghost pumpkin is perfect for decorating. You’ll love it since it’s ghost white!


UNCLE FESTER PUMPKIN: This pink to orange Pumpkin has markings that grow to look like peanuts. You may not want to take it out to the ball park, but it will fit in nicely when decorating for fall. It can also be used for baking, just peel and cut it into pieces before baking.


SWAN GOURDS: This gourd is dark green with cream flecks and is shaped just like a swan with a long, elegant neck. With their graceful form and alluring color, they are naturally ornamental and most often used as décor.


SUGAR PIE PUMPKIN: Sugar Pie pumpkins have very smooth textured, bright orange flesh. They are most often used in baking and have the finest flavor for making mouthwatering pies.


SPAGHETTI SQUASH: When raw, the flesh is solid and similar to other raw squash; when cooked, the flesh falls away from the fruit in ribbons or strands like spaghetti.


RED WARTY PUMPKIN: Aptly named, this Red Warty Thing looks like an overgrown ornamental gourd. But don’t be fooled by its peculiar looks; not only is it a super fall decoration, the stringless, fine-grained flesh is of excellent eating quality.


RED KURI SQUASH: Inside the hard outer skin there is a firm flesh that provides a very delicate and mellow chestnut-like flavor.


POKEMON PUMPKIN: This unique mini pumpkin features orange and green stripes. These little treasures are fun to decorate and perfect for kiddos!


ORNAMENTAL GOURDS: Ornamental gourds are decorative on their own as natural bird houses or in craft projects. They can also be dried and used in future years.


KNUCKLEHEAD PUMPKIN: Knucklehead pumpkins are bright to deep orange in color and covered in varying amounts of warts, scabs or bumps. Similar to other varieties of pumpkins, Knuckleheads, have a hard, vertically ridged, thick rind and have many culinary and decorative uses.


KABOCHA SQUASH: This squash has a strong and sweet flavor, similar to chestnuts.


JACK BE LITTLE PUMPKIN: These pumpkins can be orange or white, and are great for kids. Use them to decorate or they can be baked. Roasting with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and butter is a popular form of preparing these little gems.


DECLITA SQUASH: Delicata squash is most commonly baked, but can also be microwaved, sautéed or steamed. It may be stuffed with meat or vegetable mixtures and is known for its ease of cooking and creamy flavor and texture.


CORN STALKS: Our locally-grown corn stalks will spruce up any front porch. Perfect for fall decorating!


CINDERELLA PUMPKIN: Cinderella Pumpkins feature an exotic blue color and an almost square appearance with deep ribbing. The inside has a deep orange, sweet flesh that can be used for pies, soup, and gourmet culinary delights.


BUTTERNUT SQUASH: Has a sweet, nutty taste similar to that of a pumpkin. It has tan-yellow skin and orange fleshy pulp with a compartment of seeds in the bottom. When ripe, it turns increasingly deep orange, and becomes sweeter and richer. It is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium; and it is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin E.


BIRDHOUSE SQUASH: Birdhouse or bottle gourds are one of the thick-skinned gourds that are mainly used for crafts or decoration. Gourd birdhouses are attractive to many species of birds including wrens, chickadees, swallows, bluebirds, titmice, and nuthatches.


BIG MAC PUMPKIN: Big Mac pumpkins are extremely large, weighing anywhere between fifty and two hundred pounds. Big Mac pumpkins are not often used for cooking or baking due to their size the flesh becomes dry and fibrous. Most commonly the Big Mac pumpkin is used as a carving pumpkin.


BANANA SQUASH: The cooked flesh of the Banana squash is fragrant, rich and earthy sweet. Banana squash provides vitamins A, C, some of the B vitamins, calcium, iron and fiber.


AUSSIE GREEN PUMPKIN: The Australian Green Squash is dark green with light colored dots. It also has small patches and faint stripes. The flesh is tender and delicious so perfect for baking.


AUSSIE BLUE PUMPKIN: Australian Blue Squash is a great treat from regular green and yellow squashes. This squash is quite large with a grayish blue, almost forest green exterior. The interior is a bright and tender orange, pumpkin tasting flesh.


APPLE GOURDS: This unique gourd has a nearly perfect apple shape. They are most often used in crafts and fall displays and can be painted red or made into birdhouses.


ACORN SQUASH: Most commonly baked, but can also be microwaved, sauteed or steamed. For savory recipes, it may be stuffed with rice, meat or vegetable mixtures. If a sweeter dish is desired, maple syrup is often used to fill the halves prior to baking, or used in a sauce or glaze to enhance the squash’s flavor. The seeds of the squash can also be eaten, usually after being toasted first. Acorn squash can be used to prepare squash soup.


We also have pumpkins that are hand decorated!


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Come see the adorable hand-painted pumpkins that we have in store! (While supplies last!)


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