Go Skip Self Check At Honey Bee Produce Company!


Just walk out.
No more lines. When you’re done shopping, just head for the door. We’ll meet you there for a quick look at your receipt, and then you’re free to push kick your cart out of the store like a scooter because you just pulled the non-heist of the decade.

Mobile checkout is finally here! Now you can check out on your phone. Just download Skip Checkout from your favorite app store. Then scan as you shop, pay from your phone, and exit through the Skip Lane 🙂

Adding produce with the Skip app is easy. Just tap “Add Item” and add the 4-6 digit code of the item you’d like to add.
Did you know Skip will sort your shopping list for you? 😱
Download Skip Checkout from your favorite app store today, and see what it’s like to check out on your phone.

Checkout on your phone deserves a celebration.