Jennifer Seeley Art: LocalBee Featured Artist

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We’d like to welcome local bee artist, Jennifer Seeley!

Jennifer Seeley is a painter exploring ideas of expression and color through animal portraiture. She was born and raised in SLC Utah and received her BFA in Drawing and Painting and Art Education through Utah State University.

Jennifer has a deep appreciation for living things and her work is a celebration of this. She uses a combination of quick loose brushstrokes and slow refined strokes with bright and arbitrary color schemes to create a lively feel to her work. She often mixes the paint right on the canvas. Each painting has a unique expression and takes on a personality of its own.

​She gains inspiration and rejuvenation through the outdoors and enjoys traveling across the US selling her work.

Come see Jennifer paint live in our store on 9/15 at 6PM.

Learn more about Jennifer at

Her gorgeous artwork will be displayed in Honey Bee Produce Company’s seating area for a month.